How To Survive during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

What is Being Impacted and Spiralling?

With the current Covid-19 situation, we are seeing many drastic changes around the world and our lives are impacted. Some of us are adversely impacted, some of us are severely impacted while the others are impacted in our way or another. Our daily lives have changed and we are in the new normal or some might call it the “new norm”.

Many industries and businesses are impacted in ways beyond our imagination. We do not have the benefit of precedence to learn from and the pandemic of this scale is the very first time we are all experiencing it. 

We are now in a world impacted by many deaths, doctors having to decide which Covid-19 patients to save, demise of many established businesses and many other small businesses which were only starting out for the first time. Our daily lives have changed with social distancing as the new norm.

Despite experiencing the worst many have seen for the very first time in their lifetimes, there are difficult times ahead. Our lives will never be the same again and we just have to adjust to the new way or new norm.

What is to be expected?

  • difficult times ahead
  • unknown future
  • survival of the fittest and people with open mindset
  • totally different way of life

What are Major Industries Impacted?

The major businesses impacted are customer-facing businesses that are affected by social distancing rules and the “fear of being infected by the virus”. These businesses include restaurants and cafes in the F&B Industry, the retail industry including grocers, butcheries, supermarkets, traditional markets and specialty stores. Traditional food and produce markets and retails outlets selling Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) who do not have an online presence are drastically impacted. While many technology companies are impacted due to drop in demand, they can also revamp or drastically change their business models to adapt to changing customer needs.

B2B companies and startups also need to adapt to the new world and changing economies around the world. Technology will play a greater roles as the enabler for deeper online presence that in turn needs to be supported by responsive logistics and safe entries technologies to support businesses and medical supplies including medical products that support personal hygiene.

Restaurant businesses may be down but food deliveries have increase to compensate some of the traditional business lost. Supermarkets might see tremendous drop in business but there is a marked increase in online purchases and hence online delivery. Taxi business maybe down but but taxi drivers have supplemented their lower incomes by doing food deliveries.

What Can You Do About It?

While there are many negatives revolving in the sconomies of the world, there can be some positives. The online businesses are thriving with most people preferring to order online instead of physically going to the retails outlets to shop.

We all need to have a clear understanding of the impact of the Covid-19 situation on our business in order to move forward. With a good understanding of the Covid-19 impact, we are now better prepared for drastic changes to our employment and future employability. 

We need to have more self-awareness and to know more about our strengths and weaknesses and to upskill ourselves for the next wave of opportunity. We should also take this opportunity to think about our life purpose and caring out a niche for ourselves to prepare for possible opportunities despite the difficult challenge of the world ahead.

This Covid-19 Pandemic has given us the rare opportunity to slow down, take stock of our lives (and the new norm) and now design (or re-design) our lives by discovering our life purpose and yet leveraging our strengths.

We have designed a 3-Step Process to help you “Design (or Re-Design) Your Live” with greater purpose than ever before. This 3-Step process is based on the widely-used Design Thinking Methodology (promoted by the Stanford and inspired by the “Designing Your Life” course offered at Stanford University and run by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

Essentially, our 3-Step Process is Identify, Ideate and Implement


Through empathy and using visualization techniques, our clients are invited to imagine the desired life outcome that will spark joy in their lives and help them be in the “complete flow” of the things that our clients do to support their life and work aspirations. When the problem statement is accurate, the likelihood of a great solution is much higher.


By introducing many brainstorming techniques, we want to inspired our clients to “think-out-of-the-box” when it comes to possible creative solutions to their problem statement.


Once we have identified some possible creative solutions, we will shortlist before voting and selecting the best-fit solution for the problem or challenge. We will continue to work with our clients to iterate and if required, test out the next best solution.

Once we have completed the client’s “Design Your Life” exercise, we can then move on to coaching and mentoring as required. If, along the way, the client requires additional resources to support journey, we can provide further training and consultancy.

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